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Ζωρζ Περέκ, Žoržs Pereks, 조르주 P'e lek, and 22 others 조르주 페렉, Ƶorƶ Perek, ז'ורז' פרק, ژرژ پرک, بيريك، جورج،, ژۆرژو پێرێک, G. Perec, Žorž Perek, جورج بيريك, 조르주 페 렉, אירית עקרבי, Жорж Перек, Ǧūrǧ Bīrīk, ジョルジュ ペレック, Jorj Perek, Joruju Perekku, ז׳ורז׳ פרק, Georges Perec, Georgius Perec, ジョルジュ・ペレック, Perec, جورج بيريك،
March 6, 1936
March 2, 1982

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Georges Perec (born George Peretz) (French: [peʁɛk, pɛʁɛk]; 7 March 1936 – 3 March 1982) was a French novelist, filmmaker, documentalist, and essayist. He was a member of the Oulipo group. His father died as a soldier early in the Second World War and his mother was murdered in the Holocaust, and many of his works deal with absence, loss, and identity, often through word play.

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