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March 14, 1962

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Nick Land (born 17 January 1962) is an English philosopher, short-story horror writer and blogger. He is known by some as "the father of accelerationism".A cofounder of the 1990s collective Cybernetic Culture Research Unit (CCRU) along with cyberfeminist theorist Sadie Plant, his work has been tied to the development of accelerationism and speculative realism. His writings have been described as "theory-fictions", departing from the formal conventions of academic writing.Land is also known, along with fellow neo-reactionary thinker Curtis Yarvin, for developing in his latter works the anti-egalitarian and anti-democratic ideas behind neo-reaction and the Dark Enlightenment. His later work has become increasingly focused on advocating for "scientific racism" and eugenics, or what he calls "hyper-racism."

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