Michelle Larkin

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Michelle lives just outside Boston, Massachusetts, with her two young sons, Levi and Jett, and the ghost of her dog, Chloe, who she still shares popcorn with every night by tossing it on the floor in front of the TV—just like she used to do when Chloe was alive. Oddly enough, the popcorn lingers on the rug until Michelle picks it up because, well, in case you didn’t know…ghosts don’t eat popcorn.

Michelle wrote her first book at age six, entitled “Jack and the Orange.” A real page-turner. She read fifty-five novels by Dean Koontz in one year but doesn’t have much time for reading anymore. She’s too busy writing thrillers and raising two small monsters who are masquerading as human children. She hashes out the scenes of her books during long cross-country runs and somehow manages to find her way back home, which is a pretty amazing feat because she has no sense of direction. What. So. Ever.

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