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Israeli Writing in the Middle East-Avi Shmuelian was born in Rafsanjan, Iran; he presently lives in Jerusalem. He has been a porter, skin-diver, artist, construction worker, hypnotist and restaurant owner. Only at the age of 48 did he publish his first novel, Moonstruck Sunflowers (1992), which has been compared (by the Israeli novelist David Grossman) to the work of Garcia Marquez- COPYRIGHT 1994 Fairleigh Dickinson University shmuelian.avi@gmail.com phon il+089445230 Moonstruck sunflowers For years Mula Youssuf had harbored a desire to see the sea, ever since the time Haim Dalal had used incantations to bring rain to Rafsanjan. Those had been years of relentless drought. After three barren winters the wells and aqueducts--which flooded the fields and even the city, when all was right--were nearly dry. With the onset of summer the sun had shortened the distance between itself and the drought-stricken, had scorched the carcasses of beasts in the fields, had seared the parched trees. When it had dried even the tears in the eyes of the citizens, when a burning dust had gathered on every thing, the Muslims turned to the Jews and asked that they use their powers to bring forth rain. Haim Dalal, who had only just …

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