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ティム フラナリー, Timothy F. Flannery, Tim F Flannery, and 9 others Timothy Flannery, Tim F. Flannery, Timothy Fridtjof Flannery, Tim Flannery, Timothy Frithjof Flannery, Timotheus Flannery, Flannery, تيم فلانري, Tim Fridtjof Flannery
Jan. 28, 1956

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Timothy Fridtjof Flannery (born 28 January 1956) is an Australian mammalogist, palaeontologist, environmentalist, conservationist, explorer, author, science communicator, activist and public scientist. He was awarded Australian of the Year in 2007 for his work and advocacy on environmental issues. Flannery grew up in Sandringham, and studied English at La Trobe University in 1977. He then switched disciplines to pursue paleontology. As a researcher, Flannery had roles at several universities and museums in Australia, specialising in fossil marsupials and mammal evolution. He made notable contributions to the palaeontology of Australia and New Guinea during the 1980s, including reviewing the evolution and fossil records of Phalangeridae and Macropodidae. While mammal curator at the Australian Museum, he undertook a survey of the mammals of Melanesia, where he identified 17 previously undescribed species including several tree kangaroos. His books The Mammals of New Guinea and Prehistoric Mammals of Australia and New Guinea are considered the most comprehensive works on their subjects. In 1994, Flannery published his first popular science book, The Future Eaters, on the natural history of Australasia. It became a bestseller and was adapted for television. He has since written more than 27 books on natural history and environmental topics, including Throwim …

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