The Deep

Paperback, 502 pages

Published Aug. 26, 2015 by Pocket Books.

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3 stars (8 reviews)

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Great dark read

5 stars

A disturbing trip both to the depths of the ocean and the depths of the human mind. What happens when grief gets into you and the world forgets how to make sense? What does all this lead?... Nowhere good.

If you're in the mood for a haunted house at the bottom of the sea, Event Horizon-y type horror mystery; this is the right kind of medicine for you.

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5 stars

Little bee...!
This is my first Nick Cutter book, and definitely not my last. This is one of the few new authors I made the leap and paid for a book, instead of my usual kindle unlimited. And I absolutely loved it (think Sphere, but better). There were a few spots at the end that I think could have made a better ending point, but I still enjoyed it. Scary, visceral, innate uncanny horrors, these are all words that come to mind. I don't know why this book has a 3* rating, I thought it was written impeccably and my only complaint would be that slightly wonky ending.
And it made me cry. Actually, literally, tears! It can't be easy to describe something that is supposed to scare and disturb using only words, but Cutter nailed it. The characters had enough depth to be fully "fleshed out" and make you …

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4 stars
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