State and Revolution

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State and Revolution (2014, Haymarket Books)

208 pages

English language

Published March 3, 2014 by Haymarket Books.


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5 stars

Kautsky Kautsky KAUTSKY!

This proved to be an incredibly useful read for me, defining (in Lenin's terms, of course) key concepts in Marxist theory such as "opportunist" socialism, the dictatorship of the proletariat, the bourgeois state, and (you guessed it) revolution in about 1/10th as many pages as English editions of Das Kapital Vol. 1 (I'll get to it, I swear).

Why are socialists often categorized as "revolutionary"- or "reform"-minded? Or, worse, counter-revolutionary? Why are (some of) the anarchists at odds with (some of) the Marxists? How does a state wither away? How dope was the Paris Commune? Why is Kautsky such a simp for the bourgeoise?? Ol' Lenny's got the scoop, and he's bringing it to you in plainer language than you'd expect for the early 20th century, frankly.

My only real complaint is that Lenin is pretty keen on repeating himself at various points. But given that he …


  • Marx, karl, 1818-1883
  • Socialism
  • State, the
  • Revolutions