Oxen. Gefrorene Flammen

Ungek├╝rzte Lesung mit Dietmar Wunder

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Jens Henrik Jensen: Oxen. Gefrorene Flammen (AudiobookFormat, 2018, Audio Verlag Der GmbH)

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Published Sept. 1, 2018 by Audio Verlag Der GmbH.

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Review of 'Oxen. Gefrorene Flammen' on 'Goodreads'

3 stars

I am finally done with the Niels Oxen trilogy. The last book begins a few months after the events of the second book, with our heroes beaten and isolated by the Danehof. But of course everything changes over the course of the book.

The Niels Oxen books are not the best thrillers out there, but they are fun and somehow feel good reads and sometimes that's just what you need.