Blue Mars

Paperback, 800 pages

Published Nov. 23, 2021 by Del Rey Books.

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4 stars (6 reviews)

The red planet is red no longer, as Mars has become a perfectly inhabitable world. But while Mars flourishes, Earth is threatened by overpopulation and ecological disaster. Soon people look to Mars as a refuge, initiating a possible interplanetary conflict, as well as political strife between the Reds, who wish to preserve the planet in its desert state, and the Green "terraformers". The ultimate fate of Earth, as well as the possibility of new explorations into the solar system, stand in the balance.From the Paperback edition.

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  • Life on other planets
  • Fiction
  • Science Fiction
  • Long Now Manual for Civilization
  • Hugo Award Winner
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  • Life on other planets -- Fiction
  • Mars (Planet) -- Fiction
  • Fiction, science fiction, general
  • Fiction, science fiction, space opera