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Hermann Hesse, Hermann Hesse: Siddhartha (1951, MJF Books) 4 stars

The story of the Indian Siddhartha and his journey to find self-knowledge.

Beautiful Dreamer

5 stars

As part of my "classic a month" reading goal, I picked something a little shorter than the tomes I tackled in the first quarter. Now I wish this book were a bit longer. I can't imagine what this must read like in the original German but the English translation sings.

In a nutshell, Siddhartha - son of a Brahman, raised on spiritualism - leaves home on the journey of his lifetime. The language feels like a Buddhist sutta - spun out with evocative language, overflowing with symbolism, and carrying lessons for the ages. In this case, all of Siddhartha's ages from callow youth to old man. At every turn he thinks, "At last, this is enlightenment." At each turning, he discovers that one thing still eludes him.

The story swept me along, recognizing myself in so many of his mis-steps and mis-conceptions. I'll be thinking about this book for a …

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For the record, I really didn't perform the superhuman feat of reading several dozen books on December 21. Rather than wrack my brain for even an approximate period of perusal, I poured them all into the database at once and ignored the date field. I just haven't time for reminiscing ...🤔 😕