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One novel and one non-fiction book at a time. English and German.

I created and curate the lists German Book Price ( and Indigenous Authors (

"The true tale of the lion hunt will never be told as long as the hunter tells the story" ~ African Proverb

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Currently Reading Oh, I really liked it! It was different from what I expected. I picked it because I expected also to read about the time when the family comes to Germany. I actually grew up where they move to in the book and I remember Russians moving to our region back then. It skips this part, though, but it described living in the Soviet Union quite a bit and then jumps to now and to the differences between the daughter (who grew up in Germany) and her immigrant parents. I highly recommend! :-)

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I know there's a lot of reading challenges going around, but I wanted to make one of my own centered around how to .

I wrote a little blog about the challenge on my site, would love for you to join along! I'm doing it and will share the books I pick for each category!