Just Us

An American Conversation

hardcover, 352 pages

Published Sept. 8, 2020 by Graywolf Press.

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uncomfortable, necessary

5 stars

unlike in past works of hers I've read, rankine herself is present in this volume, constantly questioning whiteness and engaging the people that often unthinkingly bring it into her life. it's often, frankly, uncomfortable. there is conflict and tension. it has made me think a lot about the way that I engage in discussing whiteness, and my own desire to be understood in conversation—to have us leave on the same page, or to avoid if that's an unlikely outcome.

technically, I found the footnotes/fact checking really interesting. essay has a difficult relation with fact, as has been a conversation for years. I found the side-by-side checking of the authors own assumptions and, as a result, the inclusion of images, outside sources, citations, further reading and context for the reader is a really effective approach.

I also really recommend this recent city arts and lectures conversation with her, largely about just …

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