Pendragon (Pendragon Cycle)

Paperback, 512 pages

Published Sept. 1, 1994 by Lion Hudson Plc.

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4 stars (6 reviews)

E-Book Extra: "Stephen R. Lawhead on…" (The writing process; The Atlantis/Britain connection; Whether or not Arthur existed, etc.)Arthur is King, but darkest evil has descended upon Britain's shores in many guises. And Arthur's most trusted counselor Myrddin, whom legend will name Merlin, is himself to be tested. So Arthur must stand alone against a terrible adversary to win immortality and the name he treasures above all others: Pendragon.At the dawn of his reign, a young king must prove his greatness ... or lose a realm.In this black time of plague and pestilence, Arthur's most trusted counselor Myrddin -- the warrior, bard, and kingmaker whom legend will name Merlin -- is himself to be tested on a mystical journey through his own extraordinary past. So Arthur must stand alone against a great and terrible adversary. For only thus can he truly win immortality -- and the name he will treasure above …

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  • Fantasy