Sinews of War and Trade

Shipping and Capitalism in the Arabian Peninsula

Published by Verso.

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On the map of global trade, China is now the factory of the world. A parade of ships full of raw commodities—iron ore, coal, oil—arrive in its ports, and fleets of container ships leave with manufactured goods in all directions. The oil that fuels China’s manufacturing comes primarily from the Arabian peninsula. Much of the material shipped from China are transported through the ports of Arabian peninsula, Dubai’s Jabal Ali port foremost among them. China’s “maritime silk road” flanks the peninsula on all sides.

Sinews of War and Trade is the story of what the making of new ports and shipping infrastructure has meant not only for the Arabian peninsula itself, but for the region and the world beyond. The book is an account of how maritime transportation is not simply an enabling companion of trade, but central to the very fabric of global capitalism. The ports that serve maritime …

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Sinews of war and trade, a nice introduction to global shipping

5 stars

This book is a pleasure to read and dense with history about the Arabian peninsula and the surrounding area. The narrative is thematic rather than chronological, so there are chapters on labor, ports, and wars which go over the same periods but with different views. The author's own trips help bring the vessels to life.