History and Class Consciousness

Studies in Marxist Dialectics

Paperback, 404 pages

English language

Published Nov. 15, 1972 by The MIT Press.


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This is the first time one of the most important of Lukács' early theoretical writings, published in Germany in 1923, has been made available in English. The book consists of a series of essays treating, among other topics, the definition of orthodox Marxism, the question of legality and illegality, Rosa Luxemburg as a Marxist, the changing function of Historic Marxism, class consciousness, and the substantiation and consciousness of the Proletariat.

Writing in 1968, on the occasion of the appearance of his collected works, Lukács evaluated the influence of this book as follows:

"For the historical effect of History and Class Consciousness and also for the actuality of the present time one problem is of decisive importance: alienation, which is here treated for the first time since Marx as the central question of a revolutionary critique of capitalism, and whose historical as well as methodological origins are deeply rooted in Hegelian …

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