paperback, 640 pages

Published April 14, 2020 by Gallery / Saga Press.


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3 stars (2 reviews)

6 editions

A nihilist philosophy treatise couched as hard scifi

3 stars

Fairly translucent allegory involving an idealistic communist society contrasted with a cynical hypercapitalist one, and some typical liberty vs. responsibility discourse, but some interesting viewpoints and contexts are presented

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3 stars

TW: suicide, death from great height, plan crash, warmongering

After years of war, Mar and Earth are at an unsteady place. Sending their children to study at Earth for 5 years should have brought them closer, but with the homecoming of those children, things only become more unclear. They do not fit on Mars anymore, with more doubts and anger than they left with, and certain leaders on Mars seem determined to start another war.
Following a student home from Earth, a film maker following his Terran mentor's foot steps in the wake of his death, and the political rift formed by the idea of a "wet Mars", this is a deeply political novel.

This is definitely a very Chinese novel, which I appreciate yet which also made it harder for me to read. I couldn't really connect to much in this story, personally.

The writing, unequivocally, however, is …