Heterotopias 002

, #02

E-book, 125 pages

English language

Published May 1, 2017 by HeterotopiasZn.

4 stars (1 review)

Memory as an anchor, as a structure, is the underlying theme of issue 002. Featuring original artwork, photographs, and written features on NaissanceE, Metroid Prime, Wipeout and others.

Issue 002’s cover feature on the cult exploration game NaissanceE is an unprecedented look at the architecture, making-of, and influences on the game. A screenshot series plumbing the depths of its striking, minimalist architecture is supported by an interview with creator Mavros Sedeño, and previously unpublished sketches of its modular structures. A supporting piece on the architect-turned-mangaka Tsutomu Nihei and his manga Blame! explores its powerful influence on NaissanceE and visual culture in general, illustrated with material from the newly released Master Editions.

002 also takes a look at the labyrinthine 2D spaces of classic game series Metroid, relating their cavernous mysteries to a lost history of brutalist architecture. This is accompanied by a series of 35mm black-and-white photographs of Metroid Prime …

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