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People never truly ceased to be. Like a river flowing through those who speak for us, human existence endured within both the physical body as well as stories passed down.

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Charles H. Kahn: The Art and Thought of Heraclitus (Hardcover, 1979, Cambridge University Press) 5 stars

Behind the superficial obscurity of what fragments we have of Heraclitus' thought, Professor Kahn claims …

The Logos is Dialectics

5 stars

I really need to re-read this at some point, but this is probably the best interpretation of Heraclitus written so far, since it departs from the physicist interpretation of Heraclitus's text regarding fire as the primal element and it proves how opposites and dialectics intertwined in the obscure and riddle filled understanding of a universal theory of things in motion in its most early stages.

If you are interested in Dialectical Materialism, Marxism, Hegelian philosophies and the like, Heraclitus is a must read that can help you understand the dialectical method of thinking in its most natural and everyday form.

The advance requisite and made by Heraclitus is the progression from Being as the first immediate thought, to the category of Becoming as the second. This is the first concrete, the Absolute, as in it the unity of opposites. Thus with Heraclitus the philosophic Idea is to be met with …

wants to read スカイ·クロラ by Hiroshi Mori (スカイ·クロラ, #01)

Hiroshi Mori: スカイ·クロラ (Hardcover, Japanese language, 2001, Chūō Kōron Shinsha)

スカイ·クロラ by  (スカイ·クロラ, #01)


Anne NoNobjective Explorers: アンヌへの手紙 (Paperback, Japanese language, 1997, 講談社)

アンヌへの手紙 by