Crome Yellow

Hardcover, 312 pages

English language

Published June 3, 1922 by George H. Doran Company.

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“Crome Yellow” by Aldous Huxley ; 1922

A young English poet, Denis Stone, is spending some time at Crome, an English estate and mansion of the Wimbush family. He is in love with Anne Wimbush, the niece of Henry Wimbush. The other guests include a few other writers, an artist, and it is in essence a small gathering of people who are also close friends.
Denis has just started to write a novel. But he is going through a period of questioning himself as a writer. He is also unhappy that Anne does not love him. One particular evening he is feeling particularly miserable: “..........................Why had he climbed up to this high, desolate place? Was it to look at the moon? Was it to commit suicide? As yet he hardly knew. Death—the tears came into his eyes when he thought of it. His misery assumed a certain solemnity; he was …

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