The PARA Method

Simplify, Organize, and Master Your Digital Life

English language

Published Sept. 16, 2023 by Atria Books.

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Its mostly an updated chapter of Building the Second Brain

3 stars

Having already read Tiago Forte's first book Building a Second Brain which includes the topic of the PARA method. I feel this book is mostly an updated PARA Method chapter from the previous book which lays out the principles and then tells you to customise it to fit your situation. I believe it is helpful for people who haven't read the previous book but if you have then you are mostly going over old ground.

Rehash and focus of Building a Second Brain

3 stars

This is a short read and a physically small book. If you read his previous Building a Second Brain, this breaks out the PARA section and goes deep into it.

If one did read that book and understands it, this book gives little value. Perhaps reinforcement.

Overall, sets up and gets you to use PARA (Projects, Areas, Resources, Archives) type of sections in all your digital assets.

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