Kindle Edition, 334 pages

Published Feb. 3, 2022

4 stars (2 reviews)

Monsters. Fighting. And naps. Cursed with the deadly sin Sloth, Gray helps protect mankind, all while taking nap breaks. His sleepy world shifts when he saves a man from a demon attack.

Mason Hawk, former sharp shooter turned hunter. After his eyes are opened to the supernatural in the worst possible way, he dedicates his life to hunting monsters. While on a job to take out a man-eating demon, he finds himself in trouble and is saved by a black-winged half-angel with the sweetest brown eyes. And his dark world gets a little brighter despite him having no clue why.

Soulmates. Gray feels the connection instantly. But this human with his distrust of everything supernatural has guarded his heart, and Gray wonders if he’ll ever be able to reach him.

When monsters are released, wreaking havoc on mankind, it’s up to Gray and his brothers—with the help of Mason and …

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