Kindle Edition, 350 pages

Published Aug. 16, 2022

4 stars (2 reviews)

More. A word Raiden knows very well. Cursed with the deadly sin of Gluttony, his voracious appetite is legendary. Nothing is ever enough to fill the emptiness inside him. Until he meets the one man who satiates that hunger. But with the war between angels and demons escalating, it’s not exactly the best time to fall in love.

Then again, fate never follows the rules.

As the son of a fallen angel, Titan leads a guarded life. Being a soldier is all he knows. Keeping his emotions locked away. But then he meets a silly, handsome, and warm-hearted man with a dimpled grin and weakness for pizza, and his guard begins to slip. Raiden is everything good in this world. And for the first time, Titan thinks falling in love may be worth the risk of possible heartbreak later on.

The bond between fated mates is powerful. A sweet indulgence …

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