Catching the Big Fish

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Published Dec. 28, 2006


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Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity, a book by film director David Lynch, is an autobiography and self-help guide comprising 84 vignette-like chapters. Lynch comments on a wide range of topics "from metaphysics to the importance of screening your movie before a test audience." Catching the Big Fish was inspired by Lynch's experiences with Transcendental Meditation (TM), which he began practicing in 1973. In the book, Lynch writes about his approach to filmmaking and other creative arts. Catching the Big Fish was published by Tarcher on December 28, 2006.

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4 stars

This was a great little book. David Lynch is way into transcendental meditation (like... Fairfield, Iowa, Maharashi (yeah, the Beatles' Maharashi), possibly a cult into transcendental meditation) but this book is interesting because it reveals how David Lynch, as an artist, relates to his work and makes meaning of creativity and the world around him. This is a book about one creative process. Read that way, particularly if you're a fan, this is a very rich text, but if you approach this book wanting a autobiographical profile or a technical handbook (in the way Mamet's On Directing teaches) you will be disappointed. What you will find here is a book about large, academic subjects written by a visual artist in an non-academic manner.

My favorite chapter is titled "The Box and the Key." The whole chapter is a single sentence: "I don't have a clue what those are." If that …

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