Silent Fury

The el Bordo Mine Fire

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Yuri Herrera, Lisa Dillman: Silent Fury (2020, And Other Stories)

120 pages

English language

Published 2020 by And Other Stories.

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4 stars (1 review)

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4 stars

A 3.5 I'm rounding up.

This is not what I expected! I enjoyed Herrera's Signs Precluding the End of The World, so I added a couple more of his books to my TBR. But this one is actually non-fiction. And not creative non-fiction or anything like that, just a work of non-fiction by an author who mostly writes fiction. So.. whoops!

Even so, it's an interesting read. Herrera delves into this mine fire, focusing mainly on how the official response and commentary at the time was classist and racist. And how the people in leadership of the mine were allowed a lot of room to tidy things up before they were investigated.

This is a short read, which worked well for me. Exhaustive history books make me zone out. It did get too into the weeds sometimes for me, but mostly stayed pretty focused.

Glad to have unintentionally learned about …