how the code rebels beat the government, saving privacy in the digital age

Hardcover, 356 pages

English language

Published Aug. 6, 2001 by Viking.

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From the author who made "hacker" a household word comes a groundbreaking book about the most hotly debated subject of the digital age. "Crypto" concerns privacy in the information age and about the nerds and visionaries who, nearly 20 years ago, predicted that the Internet's greatest virtue--free access to information--was also its most perilous drawback: a possible end to privacy.

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5 stars

It just happens that soon after reading this book, I took a proper cryptology class as part of my computer science undergrad. This book was both: a) an awesome lesson in history, and b) an awesome 101-primer for anyone (let alone a student about to dive into the nittier/grittier details of math/etc.).

Absolutely loved this book.

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  • Geheimschrift
  • Computer security
  • Cryptography
  • Databescherming
  • Computerbeveiliging
  • Computercriminaliteit