System Change

Fight, survive, adapt, and rely only on yourself. , #01

Paperback, 422 pages

Eng language

Published Nov. 11, 2022 by Independently published.

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4 stars (2 reviews)

That is Derek's creed, and what's gotten him through the System Integration on Earth.

Everything changed when the System came. Cute bunnies and beautiful butterflies became savage killing machines. Then the Invaders arrived with a single goal: to obtain ownership of this new habitable planet.

War has raged ever since.

None of this mattered much to Derek, aside from making living a little more perilous. He mostly kept to himself. He was the weird guy who owned a cabin that occasionally came into town for a drink and light conversation. After System Integration, that didn't change much-he only got stronger.

After years of fighting monsters and Invaders alone, he's become quite adept at surviving. Who needs others to get in the way or worry about?

Until one day, Derek goes against his better judgement. He decides to lend some help on a mission that doesn't seem too hard... He should …

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  • Litrpg