Successor's Promise (Millennium's Rule)

Published March 7, 2017 by Orbit Books.


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4 stars (3 reviews)

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3 stars

3.3 stars from me.
This third book is much better than the first two and I enjoyed reading it; for the most part.

I didnt like the ending and the way the story seems to be steering. The whole Qall being the new Raen and how hes behaved around Rielle being a sulky brat who wont listen and then just leaves her there on a dead planet, and her being a pushover afterwards, really annoyed me.
There is still time to turn the story the way I feel like it should go and have been hoping for, that the real Raen will return. I dont like the Qall boy at all.
Why did Dahli have to vanish like that, no, I hated that. Ulma killed? Yes why not, lets just kill left and right because it will give the readers some shock action even tho the outcome was bad.
Why …

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