Little Eyes

A Novel

256 pages

English language

Published Aug. 7, 2020 by Penguin Publishing Group.

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4 stars (7 reviews)

5 editions

Fascinating and horrifying

4 stars

A Kentucki is a little animal toy with cameras and mics, randomly paired with a “dweller” somewhere else in the world. The dweller can observe but not (meaningfully) communicate with the “keeper,” whoever owns the Kentucki.

You can imagine where it goes from there given how fucked up humanity can be, either the dweller or keeper. It’s pretty bleak by the end. People really are the worst. Fascinating and horrifying.

Review of 'Little Eyes' on 'Goodreads'

3 stars

Very believable. So much so, that when I told my husband about this book I was reading, he thought I was describing a new toy on the market. I would not be surprised to see something very similar to this in the store soon. Will not be surprised to find out all the ways this goes bad... exactly as depicted in this book.

Many of us are addicted to social media. Many of us seek some sort of dialog or interaction with the people on the other side of the keyboard. We're "lonely". We're interested in the new and novel not the same old same old. We want to live vicariously. We want to project how perfect our lives seem. Most of the time we are existing in some netherworld, neither here nor there. We're not in the moment, experiencing what is going on around us. We're interacting with nobody …

Review of 'Little Eyes' on 'Goodreads'

5 stars

More like 4.5 stars but who can tell the difference? First let me say that you will enjoy this book a lot more if you suspend your disbelief that anyone would willingly buy a toy that comes with the promise a perfect stranger will have access to every aspect of the owners private life. I don't find that hard to believe personally, given the popularity of smart speakers even after the many stories of privacy violations. I'm sure that was exactly what inspired this book actually. Schweblin has explored the many permutationa of how this relationship could turn out. Let me save you some time: none of the stories have a happy ending. Instead these stories explore the complexities of forming relationships online, where a certain amount of secrecy, miscommunication, and incorrect assumptions lead to disappointment and emotional trauma that we really can only blame ourselves for having been exposed …


  • Fiction, dystopian