Utopia for Realists

The Case for a Universal Basic Income, Open Borders, and a 15-hour Workweek

Paperback, 215 pages

English language

Published April 19, 2016 by The Conversation.

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4 stars (1 review)

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Utopia is not only possible, it has already started!

4 stars

Rutger Bregman presents a series of stories and facts that speculate not only how a fairer, more rational and equitable the world could be, but also how could have been if at certain point history would have taken another turn. And by doing so, it questions the very essence of many of today's assumptions regarding workload, wellfare, borders, wages, poors... that neoliberal mantras makes us believe which constitute the foundations of capitalist societies. And what it is more important: it plants the seed of new different ideas that can lead to this utopia he often refers to as "The land of plenty" to be a reality not just for a few chosen ones, but for everyone.

Written in a very informative and colloquial language (although I felt sometimes to be structured in a weird manner with many jumps back and forth*) it is aimed to everyone, without the need of …