The King in Yellow

Hardcover, 190 pages

English language

Published Sept. 19, 2005 by Wildside Press.

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4 stars (2 reviews)

29 editions

Review of 'The King in Yellow' on Goodreads

5 stars

1) "We had profited well by the latest treaties with France and England; the exclusion of foreign-born Jews as a measure of self-preservation, the settlement of the new independent negro state of Suanee, the checking of immigration, the new laws concerning naturalization, and the gradual centralization of power in the executive all contributed to national calm and prosperity."

2) "'It is time,' he repeated. Then he took another ledger from the table and ran over the leaves rapidly. 'We are now in communication with ten thousand men,' he muttered. 'We can count on one hundred thousand within the first twenty-eight hours, and in forty-eight hours the state will rise en masse. The country follows the state, and the portion that will not, I mean California and the Northwest, might better never have been inhabited. I shall not send them the Yellow Sign.'
The blood rushed to my head, but I …

Review of 'The King In Yellow' on 'Goodreads'

3 stars

There are enough touches of brilliance and originality to The King in Yellow that I'm amazed I hadn't heard of Robert W. Chambers before a few weeks ago. The weird bits and the scary bits are well written and have an impact, but that's only about half of the stories in this collection. The rest is kind-of-interesting filler.


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