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Endgame (1996) 2 stars

DooM: Endgame

2 stars

1) "A Fred alien, and everybody else except a human, can never die. Even when you shoot his body to Swiss cheese, so his blue guts and red blood dribble out the holes onto the deck, his consciousness remains intact. Blow his head apart, and it floats as a ghost, drifting like invisible smoke—still thinking, hearing and seeing, feeling and desperately dreaming. You can talk to them; they actually hear you. The Freds and other races pile their dead in fantastic cenotaph theaters where they are entertained day and night by elaborate operas and dances of great beauty, all to keep the 'dead' vibrant and interested until such time as they're needed for revivification—assuming there's enough left of the body and enough interest on the part of an animate Fred to pay for it. I'd shot the captain nine days ago as he lay on the floor, reaching up to …

DOOM (EBook, 1996, Pocket Books) 3 stars

Hawaii – the last outpost of civilization on an Earth overrun by demons, traitors, and …


3 stars

1) "What could be more dangerous than when I was almost crushed like a bug when I helped save Ken from the spider-mind and the steam demon on the train? Or when I was driving the truck and the two missiles from the bony almost got me? (Poor Dr. Ackerman called those things revenants. Boy, he sure came up with some weird names. He said all the creatures were like monsters from the id. I wonder what he meant.)"

2) "My parents took me to a horror film when I was only six, one of the dozens of movies about the Aztec mummy. The monster didn’t really frighten me; but the sight of young maidens being sacrificed by evil priests gave me nightmares for a week. Their idol looked like Moloch. As I grew older, I began seeking out the image of Moloch. I found it in the old silent …

DOOM (1995) 3 stars

They were creatures seemingly spawned straight from the pits of Hell - demons, zombies, fire-breathing …

DOOM: Hell on Earth

3 stars

1) "Comes a time when you have to say the hell with it, if only for a moment. Arlene and I had recently faced the worst thing anyone can face, worse than the monsters or dying in space. We knew what it meant to lose your sanity... and come back to yourself again. Arlene started whistling 'Molly Malone.' She'd picked one of the few songs to which I knew the words. I sang along. All that was missing was a bottle of Tullamore Dew, the world's finest sipping whiskey. As it was, our duet seemed to transform the lengthening shadows of dusk in Utah into the cool glades of Ireland. I wondered if doom had come there. Were there demons in Dublin?"

2) "'In space,' she said finally, 'on Phobos, we found a giant swastika.' She let her observation hang in the air, waiting for the Mormon to respond. 'What …

Berlin (GraphicNovel, 2008, Drawn & Quarterly) 5 stars

The second volume of Jason Lutes’s historical epic finds the people of Weimar Berlin searching …

Berlin: City of Smoke

5 stars

1) "'Yeeah!' 'It's not my fault!' 'You killed her!' 'Shut up! It wasn't me. I'll show you who it was. [...] Look out there. LOOK! that's who done it. That's who killed y'r mother. The police, Silvia. They're not here t'protect us. They're here t'keep us workers in line... t'keep us poor an' tired... an' t'kill us if we try t'change that. An' they shot y'r mum because she wanted things different, un'erstand? They shot y'r mum because she wanted a better life f'r you, an' Elga, an' y'r little brother."

2) "'Well, our man in the Schupo says the paperwork confirms their claim that they never intended to let the demonstration occur at all.' 'So, either the police lied to the Communist leaders, or those leaders lied to the demonstrators. Which do you prefer?' 'Neither– But look, there's something else, something that troubles me more.' 'My summons to Leipzig.' …