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The Silk Roads (2015, Bloomsbury Publishing) 3 stars

The Silk Roads

4 stars

1) "This is where great empires rose and fell, where the after-effects of clashes between cultures and rivals were felt thousands of miles away. Standing here opened up new ways to view the past and showed a world that was profoundly interconnected, where what happened on one continent had an impact on another, where the after-shocks of what happened on the steppes of Central Asia could be felt in North Africa, where events in Baghdad resonated in Scandinavia, where discoveries in the Americas altered the prices of goods in China and led to a surge in demand in the horse markets of northern India. These tremors were carried along a network that fans out in every direction, routes along which pilgrims and warriors, nomads and merchants have travelled, goods and produce have been bought and sold, and ideas exchanged, adapted and refined. They have carried not only prosperity, but also …

I've Been Meaning to Tell You (2019, Bloomsbury Publishing) 4 stars

I've Been Meaning to Tell You

4 stars

1) "Maybe the differences between our childhoods are but a version of those that exist between many parents and children. My own parents, your beloved grandparents, were not imaginary immigrant parents but real and specific ones, Black and South Asian people who journeyed to this country more than half a century ago, who worked lifelong as a minder of children and a factory labourer. They experienced many indignities and deep body aches, sacrifices and shortages, but they worked hard and they managed to raise a writer who is also a professor of literature, a fact of which they are proud but also, at times, perplexed. They do not understand everything about me, but I’m sure they believe, for good reason, that they have provided a better life for their son, and that many if not all the challenges they once experienced no longer affect me."

2) "You did not create …

Let's Pretend This Never Happened (2013, Berkeley) 3 stars

When Jenny Lawson was little, all she ever wanted was to fit in. That dream …

Let's Pretend This Never Happened

3 stars

1) "If you compared the Wall, Texas, of today with the Wall, Texas, of my childhood, you would hardly recognize it, because the Wall, Texas, of today has a gas station. And if you think having a gas station is not that big of a deal, then you're probably the kind of person who grew up in a town that has a gas station, and that doesn't encourage students to drive to school in their tractors. [...] Our yearbook theme one year was simply 'Where's Wall?' because it was the question you'd get asked every time you told someone you lived there. The original—and more apt—theme had been 'Where the fuck is Wall?' but the yearbook teacher quickly shot down that concept, saying that age-appropriate language was important, even at the cost of journalistic accuracy."

2) "Every time we'd go back to visit West Texas it would change …

The Hollow Places (2020, Gallery / Saga Press) 3 stars

Pray they are hungry.

Kara finds the words in the mysterious bunker that she’s discovered …

The Hollow Places

3 stars

1) "Earl believes strongly in Jesus, Moses, the healing power of crystals, the Freemasons, the Illuminati, that aliens landed at Roswell but the government is suppressing it, secret histories, faith-healing, snake-handling, that there is an invention that will replace gasoline but the oil companies are suppressing it, chemtrails, demon-possession, the astonishing powers of Vicks VapoRub, and that there’s proof that aliens contacted the Mayans and the Aztecs and probably the Egyptians, but the scientists are suppressing it. He believes in Skunk Ape, Chupacabras, and he positively adores Mothman. He is not Catholic, but he believes in the miracle of Fatima, visions of Mary appearing on toast, and he is nearly positive that the end times are upon us, but seems to be okay with this, provided it does not interfere with museum hours."

2) "The final object in the box was wedged crosswise to fit. It was a wooden carving, …