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We'll All Be Burnt in Our Beds Some Night (Ebook, 2017, HarperCollins)
No rating

Scrappy tough guy and three-time loser Johnny Keough is going a little stir-crazy awaiting trial …

She’s just Madonna. She’s just a girl that turned, got scared, got talked into talkin. And she’ll show up in court lookin like she do, prolly wear that pink thing she’s got, and do her eyes that way she does em. That’s Johnny then, done for. As good as gone. But Johnny aint done for now is he? Not yet. No not yet. What have they got on him? Just, just . . . ahh fuck it.

We'll All Be Burnt in Our Beds Some Night by

Les Indes noires (Hardcover, 1988, Crémille)
3 star

Les Indes noires

3 star

1) "«Mr. J. R. Starr, ingénieur,

«30, Canongate.


«Si monsieur James Starr veut se rendre demain aux houillères d'Aberfoyle, fosse Dochart, puits Yarow, il lui sera fait une communication de nature à l'intéresser.

«Monsieur James Starr sera attendu, toute la journée, à la gare de Callander, par Harry Ford, fils de l'ancien overman Simon Ford.

«Il est prié de tenir cette invitation secrète.»"

2) "L'ingénieur regardait donc autour de lui d'un œil attristé. Il s'arrêtait par instants pour reprendre haleine. Il écoutait. L'air ne s'emplissait plus à présent des sifflements lointains et du fracas haletant des machines. A l'horizon, pas une de ces vapeurs noirâtres, que l'industriel aime à retrouver, mêlées aux grands nuages. Nulle haute cheminée cylindrique ou prismatique vomissant des fumées, après s'être alimentée au gisement même, nul tuyau d'échappement s'époumonant à souffler sa vapeur blanche. Le sol, autrefois sali par la poussière de la houille, avait …

Ambient Technology (Paperback, 2018, Metatron)
3 star

In this passionate sophomore collection of poetry, Ashley Obscura’s poetry explores the function of connection …

Water has a way of finding the beach

3 star

1) "Imagine a beam of light shooting out of my heart but instead of going into you it wanders into the center of the universe, which is you standing in the sparkly white grass inside my wilderness. We make our way together toward the incredible bright light. Light takes 1.255 seconds to get from the earth to the moon. We kiss for a long time."

2) "Your eyes are beds of moss And your tongue is a pine tree And my mouth is the sky Our bodies are gardens The golden gradient A tingling in my spine A stem A spiral"

3) "I've written nothing of substance of you I was too happy This is my consolation"

4) "You take the lightness out of me You put me back in the dark Like the way motion cuts the calm Smoke on the facets"

5) "People just want to hold Without …

My Year of Rest and Relaxation (2018, Penguin)
3 star

It's early 2000 on New York City's Upper East Side, and the alienation of Moshfegh's …


3 star

1) "I had started 'hibernating' as best I could in mid-June of 2000. I was twenty-four years old. I watched summer die and autumn turn cold and gray through a broken slat in the blinds. My muscles withered. The sheets on my bed yellowed, although I usually fell asleep in front of the television on the sofa, which was from Pottery Barn and striped blue and white and sagging and covered in coffee and sweat stains.

I didn't do much in my waking hours besides watch movies. I couldn't stand to watch regular television. Especially at the beginning, TV aroused too much in me, and I'd get compulsive about the remote, clicking around, scoffing at everything and agitating myself. I couldn't handle it. The only news I could read were the sensational headlines on the local daily papers at the bodega. I'd quickly glance at them as I paid for …

Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier (2017, Flatiron Books)
4 star

The crucial sequel to the New York Times bestselling The Secret History of Twin Peaks …

Not a *good* book but i *liked* it

4 star

1) [Albert Rosenfield, on Leo Johnson] "My own interaction with this knuckle-dragger was fleeting, but he left a vivid impression, not unlike the livid marks on his soon-to-be ex-wife’s neck after he nearly strangled her. His entire life span could easily be written off as a scathing indictment of our public education system, but to be fair, you’d probably have to go all the way back to the crossroads where Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal went their separate ways and say: Leo’s forbears took the path less traveled.

So, for starters: It wasn’t the spiders that killed him. Whatever 'evil genius'–I’m looking at you, Windom Earle–decided to hoist a bag of tarantulas over his head as a dire threat to Leo’s health obviously wasted far too much time watching cheesy Vincent Price movies and not nearly enough studying arachnids. Tarantulas aren’t ever fatally venomous, dipshit; they just look scary.

[...] The world …

Memoirs of a Medieval Woman (paperback ; ill., Harper Perennial, Harper & Row)
3 star

From back cover: This unique biography tells the story of an extraordinary fifteenth-century woman who …

Ill Marge

3 star

1) "Margery Brunham, or Burnham, was born about 1373 in Bishop's Lynn, as King's Lynn was then called, in Norfolk. When an old woman, she dictated the memoirs on which this book is based. Her autobiography is remarkable in many ways. It is the first to be written in English. Though she wished to depict herself as, above all, a saintly woman on familiar terms with God, many of the conversations with friends and enemies are recorded in a thoroughly down to earth spirit. These are real people speaking to a real woman. They say the kind of things anyone would in similar circumstances. They are bored by continual piety. In some cases, they laugh scornfully at religious excesses. In others, they become suspicious and denounce the writer to the authorities as a detestable heretic. Yet others were fully convinced of her sanctity, declaring that a place was reserved for …