Séance Tea Party

hardcover, 272 pages

Published Sept. 15, 2020 by Random House Graphic.

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5 stars (1 review)

After watching her circle of friends seemingly fade away, Lora is determined to still have fun on her own, so when a tea party leads Lora to discovering Alexa, the ghost that haunts her house, they soon become best friends.

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Review of 'Séance Tea Party' on 'GoodReads'

5 stars

Honestly that was one of the cutest things I've ever read, and made me way more emotional than expected. I know this is a children's book, but just like the message, it feels so ageless. I love the characters here and the art style, the way imagination is shown and empowered, but most of all I love how honest these themes feel. I don't know how this graphic novel managed to feel so weighty and yet so light at the same time, but man did I enjoy every page.