Normal Sucks

How to Live, Learn, and Thrive Outside the Lines

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Jonathan Mooney: Normal Sucks (2019, Henry Holt and Co.)

hardcover, 256 pages

Published Aug. 13, 2019 by Henry Holt and Co..

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5 stars (2 reviews)

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Yeah! Normal sucks!

5 stars

I loved this book! Not least because he doesn't give small deviations from the norm as his examples. He dives into acceptance of all forms of difference, not saying "difference is normal," but rather that difference is what makes us interesting and successful in what we do. Then he challenges us to consider that being useful and successful is not the goal of life. No, he didn't start there, but he brings us along his journey from finding that he wasn't "normal" through acceptance into celebration.

When he talks about his graduating with honors from Brown, he doesn't say he overcame his challenges with learning, but rather that he found a place that supported his style of learning. It's a beautiful book with a wonderful message. You should read it.