Light in August

(The Modern readers series)

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Light in August (1947, New Directions)

480 pages

English language

Published Sept. 10, 1947 by New Directions.

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4 stars (4 reviews)

One of Faulkner's most admired and accessible novels, "Light in August reveals the great American author at the height of his powers. Lena Grove's resolute search for the father of her unborn child begets a rich, poignant, and ultimately hopeful story of perseverance in the face of mortality. It also acquaints us with several of Faulkner's most unforgettable characters, including the Reverend Gail Hightower, who is plagued by visions of Confederate horsemen, and Joe Christmas, a ragged, itinerant soul obsessed with his mixed-race ancestry. Powerfully entwining these characters' stories, "Light in August vividly brings to life Faulkner's imaginary South, one of literature's great invented landscapes, in all of its impoverished, violent, unerringly fascinating glory. This edition reproduces the corrected text of "Light in August as established in 1985 by Noel Polk.

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Review of 'Light in August' on 'Goodreads'

5 stars

Faulkner disappears into so many voices, it's just amazing. Light in August is violent, gritty, caustic (sometimes), and substantial. Its scope of meaty topics is very broad (racism, puritanism, nationalism, alienation) despite circling the events in one small Southern town, told from multiple perspectives, all presented sympathetically and invisibly. You never see Faulkner behind the words, even with the third person narration. That seems a tough trick to me.