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Jack Kerouac: Tristessa (1992, Penguin Books)

96 pages

English language

Published Sept. 16, 1992 by Penguin Books.

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4 stars (5 reviews)

Tristessa is a novella by Beat Generation writer Jack Kerouac set in Mexico City. It is based on his relationship with a Mexican prostitute (the title character). The woman's real name was Esperanza ("hope" in Spanish); Kerouac changed her name to Tristessa ("tristeza" means sadness in Spanish and Portuguese).

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Review of 'Tristessa' on 'GoodReads'

3 stars

This was my first Kerouac book, and it felt a little weird... Some passages were beautiful but others were very confusing, due to the language, structure and crazyness of the characters themselves, I guess. It may require another read so I can fully appreciate it.

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3 stars
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4 stars
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5 stars


  • Beat generation -- Fiction