Lawn boy

a novel

312 pages

English language

Published Sept. 28, 2018

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4 stars (3 reviews)

"Mike Muñoz is a young Mexican American not too many years out of high school--and just fired from his latest gig as a lawn boy on a landscaping crew. Though he tries time and again to get his foot on the first rung of that ladder to success, he can't seem to get a break. But then things start to change for Mike, and after a raucous, jarring, and challenging trip, he finds he can finally see the future and his place in it"--

4 editions

reviewed Lawn boy by Jonathan Evison

Lawn Boy

4 stars

I am reading this in an effort to get a grip on books which are being banned across the country. I think I have an idea of why this one makes the list, but no spoilers here. The book is written in a direct, engaging, self-deprecating first person. It brings home the reality of life on the economic margins of modern America. The narrator is witty and compelling, and you can't but help for root for him as he navigates the twists and turns that life gives him. The collection of characters he assembles as his family and friends seems true to life. Don't ban this one; read it.


  • Social conditions
  • American Dream
  • Mexican Americans
  • Working class
  • Fiction