The production of houses

(Center for Environmental Structure Series #4)

Hardcover, 381 pages

English language

Published Nov. 15, 1985 by Oxford University Press.


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Describes how the design and construction of a cluster of five homes were carried out under the guidance of Alexander’s architectural principles.

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The Production of Houses

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In 1975 officials of the state of Baja California in Mexico expressed interest in architect Christopher Alexander’s work. Alexander parlayed their interest into an agreement to support a new housing development in Mexicali, thirty houses built according to Alexander’s principles of architectural design and construction. The development was organized into six clusters of five houses each, and this book — the forth volume in the series on Alexander’s work — is a detailed description of the design, implementation and management of the first cluster. In addition, at the front Alexander describes his view of mid-1980s housing development and how his principles improve on them, and at the back extrapolates the principles to examine fit for other demographic, cultural, and environmental conditions.

Alexander’s approach has those affected by an outcome involved in producing the outcome. The five families chosen for the first cluster collectively laid out their plots, then each family …


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