Why Marx Was Right

258 pages

English language

Published Dec. 2, 2011 by Yale University Press.

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4 stars

The title (possibly selected by the publisher looking to maximize sales--capitalism has its fingers everywhere) sets up a complex thesis to prove. No one is totally right or totally wrong all the time. I mean, what if we set out to prove (to pick yet another controversial subject) that Islam is a religion of peace. We can choose convincing passages from the Quran, skipping over those which seem to suggest otherwise or explaining those away as metaphor about spiritual struggle. We can use examples from the life of the prophet (should I capitalize that?) for how the text is to be interpreted. We can take surveys of those who identify as Muslim (choosing those we like.) We can argue that those committing terrorist acts are not really true Muslims (or true Scottsmen.) In the end, who is convinced?

So if we accept that Stalin and Mao are not true …

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4 stars


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