Orion's Hounds

Star Trek: Titan #3

mass market paperback, 382 pages

English language

Published Jan. 5, 2006 by Pocket Books.

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4 stars (4 reviews)

As the USS Titan ventures beyond the outermost reaches of known space, the telepaths in her crew—including Diplomatic Officer Deanna Troi—are overwhelmed by an alien cry of distress, leading the ship to the scene of a shocking act of carnage: a civilization of interstellar "whalers" preying upon and exploiting a familiar species of sentient spaceborn giants. Appalled but reluctant to rush to judgment, Captain William T. Riker and his crew investigate, discovering a cosmic spawning ground in a region of active star formation—the ecosystem for a bewildering array of diverse but similarly vast lifeforms. While attempting to negotiate an end to the victimization of these creatures, Riker's crew inadvertently grants them the means to defeat their hunters' purpose… only to learn that things are not exactly as they seem.

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Review of "Orion's Hounds" on 'Goodreads'

3 stars

First off, Titan is a Star Trek novel. As such, there's a certain amount of forgiveness and understanding one must indulge in to thoroughly enjoy it. For me, Trek novels have always been sort of like candy--like a... banana flavored taffy, sometimes it tastes better than a real banana, but it can be a little hard to chew at first, and often tastes just a bit off. All this is not to say that it's a bad book, just that there's a difference between literature and pop-fiction.

As a Trek novel, it certainly delivers, offering up a healthy helping of some of our favorite characters, a hearty dose of fleshing out some canon rarity (in this case, the space jellyfish from "Encounter at Farpoint"), and an interesting view of some original characters. Titan itself is a unique Trek undertaking, in that the author(s) are trying to involve more alien races, …

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5 stars
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4 stars


  • Riker, William T. (Fictitious character) -- Fiction.
  • Life on other planets -- Fiction.