Couch to Barbell

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Feeling strong is life-changing. But most of us never even get the chance to experience the difference it makes, because we think strength is only for linebackers and Olympic athletes. Wrong! Strength is for everyone, and no one has more to gain from it than people who have never tried it.

LIFTOFF aims to make daily life never again feel as physically unmanageable as it does now (insert infomercial b-roll of me bobbling a suitcase as I try to put it in the overhead bin and it bursts open, intimate underthings flying everywhere). This program will help you learn how to think about strength training in new ways that are directly helpful to you. If squats hurt your knees, or doing any lifting strains your lower back, that’s not because you are not meant to do these things; it probably means no one ever taught you the basics of how …

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