UFOs and Government

A historical inquiry

580 pages

English language

Published April 4, 2012 by Anomalist Books.

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"Governments around the world have had to deal with the UFO phenomenon for a good part of a century. How and why they did so is the subject of UFOs and Government, a history that for the first time tells the story from the perspective of the governments themselves. It's a perspective that reveals a great deal about what we citizens have seen, and puzzled over, from the "outside" for so many years. The story, which is unmasked by the governments' own documents, explains much that is new, or at least not commonly known, about the seriousness with which the military and intelligence communities approached the UFO problem internally. Those approaches were not taken lightly. In fact, they were considered matters of national security. At the same time, the story reveals how a subject with such apparent depth of experience and interest became treated as if it were a triviality. …

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5 stars

These authors have written a fascinating and well documented history of UFOs. It informs the reader of the evidentiary basis for many of the important sightings and the cultural context that prevailed during critical eras. It examines the political and psychological factors that influenced the way UFO's are regarded and the way this has shaped government policy. One of the great misfortunes is that a science of UFO's has never developed. The authors document how we might have had such a science if slightly different outcomes had occurred at selected historical tipping points. Instead we have no evidence-based science, government policies that insist that UFO's are not a national security problem despite evidence consistent with aerial surveillance functions, and a public that is treated like children and intentionally deprived of information to arrive at informed conclusions. It's all documented here.


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