generals, pilots, and government officials go on the record

335 pages

English language

Published April 4, 2010 by Harmony Books.


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4 stars

There are many sensational books describing UFO experiences but this book differs from them because Leslie Kean generally limited her eyewitnesses to credible people including police and military officers, high-ranking government staff, and elected officials. What is almost as interesting as the eyewitness accounts is her treatment of the psychology of UFO reporting, which has been so thoroughly stigmatized and ridiculed that many sources withhold their testimony because they do not wish to be publicly tainted as strange, dubious, or even apart from the confines of prosaic daily life. She advocates skepticism and searching for parsimonious explanations of these phenomena, which often produce fascinating data regarding optical illusions. Yet she also favors open-minded empirical investigations of the phenomena, consistent with the way in which the natural sciences explore any subject matter. Consistent with this, she opposes the way in which the U.S. government, in sharp contrast to other nations, has …


  • Unidentified flying objects
  • Sightings and encounters
  • Research
  • Public records