The educated imagination.

(A Midland book,)

159 pages

English language

Published April 15, 1964 by Indiana University Press.

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In the 1962 Massey Lectures, Northrop Frye writes:

"What good is the study of literature? Does it help us to think more clearly or feel more sensitively or live a better life than we would without it? What is the function of the teacher and scholar or the person who calls himself, as I do, a literary critic? What difference does the study of literature make in our social or political or religious attitude? In my early days, I thought very little about such questions, not because I had any of the answers but because I assumed that anybody who asked them was naive. I think now that the simplest questions are not only the hardest to answer but the most important to ask..."

With its relaxed, informal and frequently humorous style of presentation, The Educated Imagination is considered a more approachable introduction to Frye's work.

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