The power of focusing

a practical guide to emotional self-healing

113 pages

English language

Published June 1, 1996 by New Harbinger Publications.


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5 stars

I learned Focusing from Gendlins’s book of that title but never got into it until relatively recently when meeting others of the Focusing Community. Who knew there was one? Most of them learned from Ann Weiser Cornell and used her language and techniques. I remained a bit skeptical and stuck with Gendlin’s writings. I began reading his philosophy papers and books and preferred his way of phrasing things.
And so it was a surprise to find this book so readable and practically useful. It begins with a description of how she learned about Focusing , including the difficulties she had to overcome. I realized I had some similar problems starting out. Her explanations were uniformly clear (something I can’t say for Gene Gendlin’s philosophy papers) and I especially liked her chapter on trouble shooting.
Even she admits that for some, saying hello to a bodily felt sense, seems peculiar (suggesting …


  • Focused expressive psychotherapy.