Walking Through Clear Water in a Pool Painted Black, new edition

Collected Stories

Paperback, 304 pages

Published April 12, 2022 by Semiotext(e).


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4 stars (1 review)

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little germs are probably always happy

4 stars

I really enjoyed this collection, in large part because it's hard for me to imagine her life and what being with her would actually be like. I don't know how someone would get into these situations so seemingly easily, and shares kind of horrifying things as normal happenings, which I guess they just are. and with humor and ease.

this review in Lux resonated with me; I need to find the story mentioned where she rails against bourgeois living that didn't get included in the collection: lux-magazine.com/article/cookie-mueller/

I think the collection dragged a bit for me at the end, but there were some gems - especially the cuts from ask dr mueller. I always find it hard when collections get choppier in format toward the end - attention wanes and find it hard to get back to, even when enjoying. should treat it instead as something to sit aside and …