Paperback, 513 pages

English language

Published June 9, 2009 by Night Shade Books.

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An alien world with an argon atmosphere serves as the stage for the ultimate self-examination; an African-American scientist dissects as Lovecraftian slave race while fascism rears its head on the other side of the world; an elderly Jewish artist attracts a celestial muse; a doomed village of scavengers discovers the scattered pieces of a metal man; a stalwart reporter gambles on an interview with the power to alter the world; a steel monkey defends a young girl from a rival family's assassins; a nineteenth-century country gentleman's curious daughter meets the enigmatic Dr. Victor Frankenstein; a rivalry between brothers complicates the interpretation of a message from the stars; two girls discover that the cruel social rituals of adolescence apply differently in fact than fiction...

The depth and breadth of what science fiction and fantasy fiction is changes with every passing year. The stories chosen for this book by award-winning anthologist Jonathan …

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