The Jagged Orbit

Paperback, 397 pages

Published June 11, 2000 by Gollancz.

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5 stars (2 reviews)

Summer in 2014. Morning. The City Council of Washington, D.C. ignores yet another request to remove the paint from the facade of the Black House. Lyla Clay, pythoness, finds her apartment house comweb stuffed with advertising satches that will overload her garbage drain. Matthew Flamen, the last of the spoolpigeons, wakes up after a nightmare in which every item he wanted to air on his show comped out as unusable. Wary people began hustling into their rapitrans capsules to be individually hurtled to their daily duties. The inmates of the Ginsberg Memorial State Hospital for the Mentally Maladjusted lay passive in their "retreats."

The model citizen and a client greatly valued by the Gottschalk weaponry combine came equipped with: Mark XIX oversuit with boots and gauntlets; Helmask with respirator; 350-watt laser-gun; projectile side-arm; spare magazines for foregoing; self-fragmenting glass emetic gas-grenades; knife with 18-cm. blade; first aid kit.

While their …

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  • Science Fiction