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Trying to build a better Internet. In the meantime, I enjoy reading.

I'm elsewhere on the fediverse (I only follow other bookwyrm accounts here).

FYI, I'm shelving books in "Dad's Library" that my father owns, which I will eventually receive. We have a long-standing agreement that he will give me his SF&F, or I inherit them eventually.

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Fantasmagoria (Paperback, Independent) 4 stars

A scoundrel with a secret seeks the key to escaping the end of the world. …

A wild ride

4 stars

Content warning Some spoilers and language

Feast of Shadows (Paperback, Independent) 5 stars

One part mystery. One part savagery. Three parts magic.

Years ago, driven by greed, men …

Books that explode

5 stars

The Minus Faction is what won me over to Rick's writing. Feast of Shadows is the same, but more of it.

Thematically, of course, it's very different. Where Minus Faction might be Rick's take on Comic book superheroes, this book is his take on ... what do they call it? Urban fantasy? With a dose of horror, cosmic and otherwise.

With the second part now out, it's easier to understand this as a whole work.

Each course is a relatively self contained story with an overarching connecting plot, and each is told from the perspective of a different character. Consequently, Rick has the freedom to play with different storytelling styles and matches them perfectly to the respective protagonist.

The actual main character, the focal point of the overarching plot, is not each course's protagonist. That makes the entire work a tad less accessible; you have to keep switching out of …

The Zero Signal (Paperback, 2021, Independent) 5 stars

In the decades after tomorrow, the intersection of emerging technologies like AI, gene editing, and …

Cyberpunk for this century

5 stars

At the risk of being quotable: this is the post-cyberpunk book a post-cyberpunk world needs.

I'm not sure I should go into plot here. The blurb on the book page is enough of an introduction, and plot details might spoiler something.

What compels me to write is genre and subtext.

In terms of genre, the easiest comparison to make is Cyberpunk, and if anyone would ask me for a modern Cyberpunk recommendation, this book is easily at the top of my list. But various people have called it Biopunk, and Dave Higgins called it "hard weird" - as in weird fiction, but also hard sci-fi.

The thing is, all of these are apt descriptions. You do have your ubiquitous 'net and artificial limbs - but they're not shiny neon and chrome. You do have gene manipulation, which in some ways is actually a central theme to the book - but …

Becoming (Hardcover, 2018, Crown Publishing Group) 5 stars

IN A LIFE filled with meaning and accomplishment, Michelle Obama has emerged as one of …

Review of 'Becoming' on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

Well, it was interesting.

I find it very hard to write honest thoughts on autobiographies, which to some extend are always publicity efforts, and should therefore not be trusted verbatim.

But yes, it was an interesting read for a number of reasons, not least of which what the book did not contain.