William Gibson's Alien 3

112 pages

English language

Published June 14, 2019 by Dark Horse Comics.


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3 stars (3 reviews)

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Some potential, but didn't gel for me

2 stars

Some interesting ideas, but as perhaps gently hinted at by Gibson's own genial, generous and self-aware introduction, despite his love for the Alien universe, writing a screenplay under contract was not familiar territory for him, he had constraints, and it's perhaps not his best work.

I found both the dialog and the visual composition to be needlessly confusing. I was trying too hard to understand things like people's relative positions in the room, and which characters are even present in the scene, and whether I was even reading the dialog in the right order. Maybe it's whip smart and I'm just not keeping up?

As an example, the first time we see Bishop, his top half has been put back on a cheap set of legs, his memory has been strip mined, he's been through a lot, and his eyes are just pitch black. I thought this was maybe a …

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3 stars


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