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Leonard Koren: Wabi-sabi (2015)

94 pages

English language

Published Jan. 5, 2015

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Review of 'Wabi-sabi' on Goodreads

3 stars

Definitely a companion to Koren's earlier Wabi-Sabi book rather than a work to be engaged independently. Further Thoughts has its highlights. It is interesting to read Koren's hard stance against Wabi-Sabi's possible existence in the digital realm. Much of which I agree with, but it's quite limited and doesn't take into account more organic growth in the digital world such as networked computing.

I particularly love the inclusion of Persimmions, a 13th-century black and white ink painting attributed to Mu Ch'i (known in Japanese as Mokkei).


  • Sabi
  • Japanese Aesthetics
  • Wabi